Quality Assurance

Countywide Program Support Services

Countywide Program Support Services is comprised of professionals, trainers, and educators in the areas of Health, Nutrition, Mental Health, Education, Disabilities, Governance, Family and Community Partnerships and Transition. By working collaboratively with the Grantee Quality Assurance/Monitoring Unit and individual Head Start/Early Head Start Delegates and Partners, Corrective Action Plans (CAP) are developed and implemented to improve and enhance systems and services.

Support services include:

  • Individual Consultations
  • Training
  • Large Group or Countywide Training Events
  • Administrative Support
  • Technical Assistance Support
  • Compliance Monitoring Visits
  • The Countywide Program Support Services also takes the lead in partnering with community agencies and implementing innovative collaborations that enhance services to Head Start programs which benefit our children, families, staff, and community at large.

The CFS Quality Assurance team works with the SETA Operated Program, Delegates and Partners in observing and collecting data to promote quality throughout programs.

Contact: Melanie Nicolas, Program Officer, (916) 263-3736 or Kaleb Call (Kaleb.Call@seta.net), Manager, (916) 263-1543.

Quality Assurance Unit Staff
Sherri Arfsten: 263-4062
Jessica Roenfeldt: 263-0610
Linda Letourneaux: 263-0604
Linda Thao: 263-4060