Head Start would not be possible without parent involvement. Furthermore, studies have shown that children are more successful in school when their parents are involved. As a result here at SETA Head Start, single parent families are encouraged to volunteer 10 hours a month; two parent families are encouraged to volunteer 15 hours a month – any relative 18 or older can do the volunteer hours. However, a child’s enrollment is not conditional upon a family’s participation in and completion of the volunteer hours.



There are many opportunities for volunteer activities and many can be done at home as well as in the classroom. Here are a few ideas:

At the school…

  • Read to children.
  • Share a story or song from your childhood.
  • Bring photos, pictures, clothing, musical instruments, etc. from your culture to share with the children.
  • Plan and carry out an art, movement, music, math, science, or other activity.
  • Participate in observation and assessment of children.
  • Make suggestions about classroom materials or set up.
  • Supervise the playground.
  • Conduct the required daily safety check of the playground.
  • Set up the playground equipment.
  • Plant a tree, or flowers…or a garden.
  • Plan field trips.
  • Attend field trips.
  • Help evaluate our program – self assessment.
  • Help make lunch.
  • Eat with the children.

At home…

  • Tape a story or song in your native language.
  • Sew doll clothing, or wash and repair doll clothes.
  • Be in charge of communication – to notify about/invite other parents to events.
  • Write a parent newsletter.
  • Make games and felt-board stories.
  • Cut things out for projects.
  • Gather collage materials.
  • Provide childcare for a parent volunteering in the classroom – trade off, so you will both be receiving credit for volunteer hours.
  • Make a birdhouse for a tree outside the classroom.
  • Care for classroom pets on weekends or holidays.
  • Refurbish/repair classroom materials/furniture.